Welcome to My Artistic Journey - Simon Malvaez's Commissions

Crafting Stories Through Colors and Shapes

Hey there! I'm Simon. As a Latinx and queer artist, I've found my voice and vision through the swirl of my brushes and the blend of my colors. My art isn't just a job; it's a piece of my soul, shared with you.


My Murals in San Francisco: Heartfelt Conversations on Walls

The murals I've painted around San Francisco are close to my heart. They're not just large-scale artworks; they're my heartfelt conversations with the city I love. Each stroke carries a piece of my story and the stories of those who call these vibrant neighborhoods home.

A Dream at MOMA: My Little Piece of Legacy

Exhibiting at the Museum of Modern Art was like sharing a piece of my dream with the world. It's my way of inviting people into my world, showing them what it means to be me.

Burning Man: Where My Art Breathes and Lives

At Burning Man, my art comes alive in the desert. It's where my creations meet a community that embraces radical self-expression. These installations are more than just art; they are a part of a fleeting, yet unforgettable moment in time.

Let's Create Together

I'm open for commissions and would love to work with you. Whether you want a mural that tells your story, a canvas that captures an emotion, or an installation that speaks to your spirit, I'm here to make it happen.

  1. Chat with Me: Your story and vision matter. Let's sit down and talk about what you're imagining.
  2. Sketching Your Story: I'll take our conversation and sketch out a concept that feels right.
  3. Bringing It to Life: Watch as our shared vision turns into a tangible piece of art.
  4. The Final Touch: I'll make sure the finished piece is something that you'll cherish.

Interested? Let's chat! Reach out to me at

I'm excited to create something with you that's heartfelt, meaningful, and uniquely ours.